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Sophie Higgins

Sophie has 20 years of experience teaching writing. Helping 10.000s of students improve their writing skills. She has written five textbooks. She teaches how the writing intention reflects the type of writing you want to choose to grow your visibility and build your credibility and profitability as a business.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to How To Write Great Content People Actually Love To Read

  • 2

    Module 1: How To Choose A Winning Topic That Solves Your Clients Problem

    • How To Research And Test Your Ideas With Your Ideal Client Avatar

    • What Is Your Powerful Solution To Your Clients Problem?

    • Questions about your client survey

  • 3

    Module 2: How To Generate And Structure Your Great Content Ideas

    • 3 Different Creative Methods To Generate Innovative Ideas

    • How To Structure Your Copy For Success

  • 4

    Module 3: How To Make A Captivating Headline and Lead using SEO keywords

    • Get A Catchy Headline Template

    • A Powerful Method To Test Your Headline And Lead

    • How To Test Headline and SEO Keywords

  • 5

    Module 4: Get A Powerful Template To Follow To Write The Best Content

    • Get A Template To Write Articles People Love To Read

  • 6

    Module 5: How To Use Storytelling To Gain Your Readers Attention

    • How To Use Storytelling To Illustrate The Benefits Of Your Business


Sophie is a fantastic teacher and her methodology is simple but very powerful

by Ted Prodromou

I met Sophie on LinkedIn when I was looking for someone to write articles for one of my clients. After a brief Zoom call, I quickly realized Sophie was much more than a copywriter. I invited Sophie to share her approach to copywriting and article writing with my mastermind group. Sophie blew us away with her structured approach to article writing and copywriting. She's a fantastic teacher and her methodology is simple but very powerful. A simple 4-step process helps you create articles that people want to read. I highly recommend connecting with Sophie and hiring her to help with your copywriting and articles.

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Great copy enhances your visibility and it builds your credibility. Great copy will generate more leads and increase your revenue. Get lifetime access to this powerful course that will give you tools to learn how to write great copy in a simple and powerful way. Ready to get started?

Course Review

I highly recommend this course!

by Lisa Poundstone

Sophie Higgins has created a content-rich online course that teaches business owners step by step how to create powerful copy to gain more business. Each module is broken down into bite-size chunks to make it easy to watch and implement the information. I highly recommend this course!

Bonus material

Bonus material included in your lifetime access to the course on How To Write Great Copy People Love To Read.

  • Structure Template

    The structure template will make it easy for you to develop a clear idea of the structure in your copy. The template will help you clarify your CTA. It will help you write with the end goal in mind.

  • Captivate Your Audience

    A demonstration of a powerful way to test your headlines. A catchy headline captivates your audience. This approach will help you make your headlines more compelling with power-words and SEO keywords.

  • Writing Template

    A step-by-step template that guides you to write your copy section by section. The template is fillable. It is an easy-to-use guideline to clear compelling copy that people will love to read.

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Sophie Higgins MA, MBA, MBC - Copywriter & Business Coach

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Nancy F

Hi Sophie, Loved (!!!) your presentation and so appreciated you sharing how you structure your writing. Looking forward to following your LinkedIn page and recommending you to my website customers who need help with their writing.

I hit the jackpot

Rob V

Thanks for your comment in my post. The article did very well. And I appreciate your suggestions. I hit the jackpot. 3964 views since last week.

Great presentation

Terri C

Great presentation. Very useful. Thanks again for your info To your abundance.

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